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have been loyal to them at the oracle arena. and some of them are right here who have worked many years at oracle as well and i think that builds confidence for you that we're dealing with the right people who make the right decisions concerning your lives. >>> so, we can't say no to jobs. obviously we say yes to job creation, but we also a big yes to quality jobs, jobs that have security, that have been backed with them for many years. that's why there are so many of the employees here today to represent their support and interestses in the way these decisions are being made. so, i want to just thank mike casey for your efforts, you and your negotiating team because i know you never work alone. [laughter] >> but that you, you have a strong team of people behind you that do make sure that the interests of the work force get taken care of. and then, rick, for you and, of course, you don't work alone either. you have a lot of investors who are focused on what you're attempting to do. and your team has stepped up to the plate. both teams have reached this great agreement with the city bein
reward investors with an extra check before tax rates likely increase in 2013. late today oracle accelerated cashaymes from nt year's second, third, and fourth quarters. hospital operator h.c.a. satellite t.v. company dish network, and women's clothing retailer cato announced special dividends. more than 200 companies have made similar moves in the last month. suzanne pratt reports on whether special dividends are the best use of corporate cash. >> reporter: $1.7 trillion. that's the cash u.s. companies have on their balance sheets. all that hoarding is a sign of the times: nervous companies stockpiling for an economic downturn or whatever else might happen. still, n.y.u. professor april klein says companies are over doing it. >> i know they say you can never be too rich or too thin, but companies can in fact be too rich. and, sometimes you do want to shrink out the cash. >> reporter: that's because too much cash can make a company a takeover target. and, with interest rates so low, all that money is just not productive. special dividends are one option for corporate treasurers s
at the etf xlk shares closing up more than 1% on this etf. we are closing watching oracle of course ready to break in with the tech giant's earnings, any second they happen, keep it right here over the next hour. liz: we can't forget the housing market. it's showing signs of strength and homebuilder hovnanian has been flexing its muscles, the stock as david mentioned up more than 300% this year. chairman and ceo of hovnanian looks ahead to what 2013 might hold. david: last time he was here he said buy into the stock. he was right. also thinking up picking up gold? -- thinking of picking up gold? before you do, there are reports that gold could be heading down to $1200 an ounce next year. liz: first we will tell you what drove the markets today with today's data down load. stocks pushing higher on hints of a fiscal cliff deal. this time it was more inching to the middle on both sides. all three major indices posting gains for the second day in a row. we have technology and energy as today's top performing sectors while consumer staples and telecoms lagged. see the euro? huge move here, $1.
at the oracle arena, a dozen or so like johnny and luz here today who have been there more than 30 years, literally hundreds of them have been there working with the warriors for over 20 years. and, you know, those are good jobs. the warriors have been responsible employers through their various contractors over the years. and we're really delighted to be here today and to, you know, to be part of this historic agreement that's going to, you know, preserve the opportunities that have been so important to our members. they're going to be in good hands if they come over here, when they come over here to be part of local 2. and we're really delighted to be here. thank you. >> good morning. my name is johnny stake. i've worked at the oracle arena for over 30 years. i thought it was important that i show up for this meeting, press conference, just to show support for the workers in oakland so that we can continue with our seniority and all of our economic benefits that we currently receive. when the new arena is built over here. a lot of us showed up today. we thought it was extremely importa
later in the show with the tremendous resurgence in oracle. the bountiful lower interest rates courtesy of the federal reserve have allowed companies to refinance at amazing rates just like you can at home. they're doing it too. do you know in all of my 32 years of analyzing companies, i've never seen them in more amazing shape, better shape than they are right now. companies like whole foods, which you will hear from later in the show when the co-ceo visits the set. returning to share hoeholderssh brimming with cash. it's breathtaking, this undercurrent as my colleague david faber said today on "squawk on the street," we just don't talk enough about it. and i've got to tell you, that's got to change in 2013. then there's europe. today, just today, i am wearing a tie that commemorates a brilliant strategy. one which works so amazingly that i'm still dazzled by it. what's happening on this tie? it's a man, a man in a suit kicking a can down the road. you see while the europeans were kicking the can, they gave themselves times to develop a plan to allow governments and banks to raise capi
because we have breaking news on oracle. once again, more companies paying a dividend this year not waiting for next year because they want to be sure investors have a chance to get attacked at 15% capital gains tax or dividend tax as opposed to much higher because we know that taxes will probably go higher in 2013. oracle is accelerating payments of 2013 dif dens. they're going to pay second quarter, third quarter and fourth quarter dividends this month. gordon, what has that done to trading and investing environment? all these special dividends. oracle is doing it now, second quarter, third quarter dividends this month so investors can get taxed at the 2012 dividend rate. >> it's bigger than that because it's not only the corporation themselves but corporate executives. cashing out options looking for preferential tax treatment there as well. that's just prudent corporate management. you can't fault them. stocks paying special dividends have been outperforming the spx in the time period since this started happening. in some ways in the convoluted way it's been a positive for t
-to-back triple-digit gains. stand by. earnings from oracle and a full hour with the great ken langone in the second hour of the "closing bell." i'll see you tomorrow. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody, welcome back. i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange. markets closing higher on optimism that lawmakers may be close to a deal on the fiscal cliff. wall street, triple-digit gain, up 120 point on the industrial average. banks in the lead, 13,353. last trade in the dow jones industrial average on volume which was modest. nasdaq composite up and 3053 and the s&p 500 picks up 16 points, better than 1% on the standard & poor's at 1446. markets continuing higher at the close. are there more gains ahead? we bring in right now liz ann sanders from charles schwab and alan gael and eric steuben from russell investment, darryl pearl from epoch investments standing by who will give us a reaction to the oracle earnings once those numbers cross the wires. they should be coming out momentarily. here's the number to look for, 61
, an america's cup competitor is caution oracle team u.s.a. of spying. the italian team has filed a formal protest to an international jury of sailing experts they say the oracle team sent an inflate boat to take pictures of their catamaran last month in new zealand. oracle admits it sent someone to watch but claims it didn't break rules. the america's cup will be held on san francisco bay next summer. >>> did you say something about it being raiders day? >> it is raiders day here on abc7. >> it sure is. raiders fans are already gearing up, partying before the big game. kira klapper is live in san leandro at a hang out that bleeds black and silver. they look hard-core there. >> reporter: they are. let me get out of the way so you can see them -- [ inaudible ] these fans have packed in for game day they come the night before game day, unfortunately, we have to take away from this live shot and show you one of those nights before game day. you can see this is the next best place to watch the game if you are not at the stadium. ricky's has been an institution since 1946 started in hayward and
with traders unplugged. this time around, traders tell you if oracle is a buy. and will this week's bonus round question be a piece of cake? but first, are unions the answer for workers from restaurant staff to car washers fighting for higher wages? ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] mcdonald's tender, juicy chicken mcnuggets in creamy ranch and spicy buffalo sauce. just $4.99 for 20 of your favorite chicken mcnuggets. ♪ [ game announcer ] will he dunk it? yes, he will. [ male announcer ] more ways to love mcnuggets. ♪ "fast food forward" and "our walmart" are among the organizations working on behalf of low wage workers. the groups want better pay and better working conditions for employees. bob bruno, a labor and employment relations professor at the university of illinois at chicago joins us this morning on set. good morning to you bob. > > good morning. > are unions the answer here? > > i think unions can be the answer. they have been historically. but in these particular cases, something truly creative is going on. these workers are really not dema
. >>> if your needs require a sports update, he's gary. >> coming up, a wild one at oracle. the lakers and warriors go to overtime. and calvin johnson broke a record very dear to niners' fans hearts. what he did, after the break. ,,,,,, music's, ready ! share the harmony... she'll be here soon ! she'll love this ! share a sweeter welcome... hey, hola, cómo estás ? hello, hey everyone. hi. es un pla-cer co-no-cer-te. encantada. share everything. this holiday get verizon's share everything plan. unlimited talk, text and shareable data... ... across your family's devices, all in one plan. hurry in for a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. oracle.. this time la was fully loaded.. steve nash was back in the line-up.. a this one went to over time. christian hit the clock.. ls do this... lakers came to town to face the warriors at oracle. this one went to overtime. let's go ahead and do this. kobe with a chance to win this thing at the end of regulation. look at him go from the corner there. but this one would not fall down, so we go into overtime. kobe would wind up with 34 points. kobe o
together. liz: you're loving it if you own oracle. giving the investors the nice surprises, one week chart up 4%. the software may care delivered better-than-expected second-quarter results, sales and earnings topped street estimates. seeing the shares jumping 4%, but what a great year it has been for oracle. the stock just under $25, not a bad move. the key to the beat from last night, license revenue. this is a gauge of deals in the pipeline rising 18% in the second quarter, double the analyst estimates. saying the hardware business, microsystems will turn the corner. a quick three year chart to give you perspective, it has been choppy, of course. in 2010 a bigger problem. stocks getting a boost from oracle. you can see a little bit here. but lauren simonetti looking at the names linked to oracle. lauren: you got that right. putting in a strong performance today because they like what oracle said about the software sales. they generate higher contracts, and many seeing games because of oracle. about a 5% gain, all really good days. when the market is lower and pushing lower. thank you. l
, we'll hear from accenture and bed, bath, and beyond. here's a look at the other top stories -- oracle second-quarter profits rose 18%, revenues 3%, beating forecasts on strong sales of new software. revenue growth was held down by the company's hardware business which declined more than expected. but oracle says it was business as usual during the quarter, despite uncertainty by customers over the fiscal cliff. >>> cfo software cat says customers want to close deals and there's been generally no negative impact on pricing. oracle shares responding positively in the after-hours session. in frankfurt trade, adding 2.4%. >>> knight capital has agreed to be bought by rival market getgo by $3.75 a share or $2 billion. getco beat out virtue financial after it sweet noted the offer to make it 2/3 cash. dwight's ceo tom joyce will step down but remain on as chairman. he'll be replaced by getco's daniel coleman. knight nearly went bankrupt in august after a software glitch flooded them with trades. getco is part of the investment group that helped risk the firm. knight adding better than 8% th
of the or 8:00 education foundation. i am a director of oracle. >> you are holding a mighty piece of card board there showing how much oracle is giving to the food bank. >> i am. would you like me to do the big reveal? >> i would. only by building up the tension. does oracle set aside the money? this is not the only thing you d right? >> that's right. we do a lot of things. it is a combination of monetary donations from the company. company matching gifts for employee gifts, and employee volunteers. >> perfect. what do you do? how much does this help? what do you do with the money specifically? >> oracle has long been one of our significant partners. they really help us plan for the future. every dollar that is donated to us is for nutritious meals. >> i think it is about time. what do you think? how much did we collect? >> $100,000. >> 100,000. that is as much as we've had all season. we have quite an audience in here and well cheered, by the way. that is a huge contribution. we really appreciate it. how many people is that going to feed? >> we are serving a quarter of a million every mo
with calls on oracle, exxon, wynn resorts. there are the three stocks. did they get them right? we're going to analyze the analysts when we return from this short break. i need to rethink the core of my portfolio. what i really need is sleep. introducing the ishares core, building blocks for the heart of your portfolio. find out why 9 out of 10 large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. can i help you? i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 when the spx crossed above its 50-day moving average, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i saw the trend. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it looked really strong. tdd# 1-800-34
, mark, we've got some breaking news. i believe robert gray has it on oracle. go ahead, robert. >> yeah, david. we've heard of accelerated and special dividends, this is something of -- all of this combined. oracle, interestingly enough, they're going to pay their second, third and fourth quarter dividends, accelerating all three quarters into one lump sum this calendar year before the proposed tax hikes would kick in for shareholders. that will be a total of 18 cents per share. again, their fiscal second, third and fourth quarter dividends that would have been all been paid in calendar 2013 will be paid out on december 21st. the next opportunity for the board to consider and approve a dividend will be after the earnings results for the fist quarter disturb first quarter, and that will be on august be 1st -- 31st. again, they're going to fast forward three quarters' worth of dividends, pay them out to shareholders now against possible higher dividend taxes in the new year. >> very interesting. david: it's taken at least three-quarters of a year e and putting it into this year. let me go
of washington on the budget, stocks tumbled yessterday. oracle is among the latest corporations trying to beat the clock on next year's expected tax increase. oracle's board has approved accelerated dividend payments for the second, third and 4th quarters of next year. nhl owners and players plan to meet today in a renewed effort to move the puck on labor talks. let's see what's going on with the market today with matt shapiro, president of mws capital. good morning to you. > > good morning angie. > this is certainly one moody market. it seems to move on every word that comes out of washington. > > absolutely. actually, i am surprised, given the stalemate that we had this weekend and the gop yesterday having a counter offer - they are miles apart, but the market really held in there, and i think, at this point, the market is just basically pricing in that nothing really good is going to happen in washington, at least for now. > what about manufacturing matt? the numbers came in solid for china, not so good for the u.s. there was a bit of a slip. > > i think some of that is the concern. but at
you, janine. >>> the nfl commissioner, roger goodell, is scheduled to be at oracle arena in oakland. the event is to comet rate 50 years of the pro football hall of fame, including john maddened an howie long, 150 raider season ticketholders are invited to the event and then tonight, the raiders host the denver broncos. >>> larry ellison's oracle racing team is being accused of cheating. an italian challenger claims the team has been spying by planting someone in an inflatable boat and taking up close images of the italian and new zealand yachts. an international jury is considering the allegations but experts say the accusations are overblown and that the competitors are constantly looking for an edge. the finals are scheduled for september in the san francisco bay. >>> local democrats want to make sure offshore drill something permanently banned in the bay area. they are asking the president to create a new no-drilling ocean preserve from bodega bay to point arena in mendocino county. the protection will be california's largest ocean preserve in 20 years and has been endorsed by g
-- which is considered a safe haven.. and instead went into equities.. as well as oil. shares of oracle bounced almost 3% in heavy volume. the tech company surpassed wall street's expectations. oracle is up 28% this year. gas prices are closing in on a 2 year low. the national average for a gallon of unleaded regular is $3.23. it's time now for trader talk with larry shover of sfg alternatives. hi larry. good morning. what's going on with this market? are they rallying into the news of a possible deal on the fiscal cliff or we see an even bigger relief rally when the deal is done? i think yes and yes. i think the market is expecting a deal to get done and we're just making up for lost time. let's keep in mind that back in september we were willing to pay 14 times multiple for the stock market. that would put the s &p at 1500 so it's really been stagnant and we're just rallying making up for lost ground. what have been the best performing commodities this year and where would you still put some money to work? i think gold actually---even though we had a $28 dollar fall down yesterday.
-- hardwood the warriors go for win number 20. that's next in sports. >> he is making his return to oracle. the former team offering a rude welcome home. we saw a lot of this in his two years here. mcyoung, that belongs to the people in row one. david lee approves. there it is, second quarter and warriors pulling away. seth curry and off the glass. warriors by seven. he had 25 points and 12 boards. more defense and landry time itself and the swat on thadius young. the defense continued. lee flashing the handles to barnes and warriors up 18. there it is. can he make the free throw? it was a good night. 96-89 the final. warriors are 20 and 10. boston tomorrow night. blake griffin and the clippers. they are taking on the jazz and in case you didn't know griffin has an uh finish tee for that. has an uh finish tee for that. gordon hayward and how is the ankle? he finishes with 29 and 116-114. clippers at oracle. streak at 16 and could booy 17. gilroy's sperrero and he gives him the first loss. the handlers are finishing off the details of the may fourth mega bout at the mgm grand in las vegas.
of the day. >>> oracle is purchasing a company for $870 million. known for performance management software. oracle says the buy will boost its cloud base services. >>> $200,000 in fines. the deadly mistakes hospitals made to earn this penalty. >> you got to make a choice between buying toys or paying bills. hard choice. >> why some families won't have to make that choice. >> first a ban on bullets and a warning to police when you stock up on ammo. the plans from one mayor. and the back lash in three minutes. ?Ñ >>> new at 6:00 p.m., a new plan to tackle gun violence. tackling ammo and the people who buy it. rob roth is live with the changes that will save lives. rob? >> reporter: we are out here in the bay view, a neighborhood plagued by violence. mayor ed lee proposed legislation aimed at ammunition control. >> our father -- >> reporter: a sidewalk prayer vigil for a 17-year-old, a popular high school football player shot to death saturday night. >> we have to pray. >> reporter: he is one of 67 homicide victims in san francisco so far this year, compared to 50 last year. in an effort spa
at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. oracle. the former team offering a rude welcome home. we saw a lot of this in his two years here. mcyoung, that belongs to the people in row one. david lee approves. there it is, second quarter and warriors pulling away. seth curry and off the glass. warriors by seven. he had 25 points and 12 boards. more defense and landry time itself and the swat on thadius young. the defense continued. lee flashing the handles to barnes and warriors up 18. there it is. can he make the free throw? it was a good night. 96-89 the final. warriors are 20 and 10. boston tomorrow night. blake griffin and the clippers. they are taking on the jazz and in case you didn't know griffin has an uh finish tee for that. has an uh finish tee for that. gordon hayward and how is the ankle? he finishes with 29 and 116-114. clippers at oracle. streak at 16 and could booy 17. gilroy's sperrero and he gives him the first loss. the handlers are finishing off the details of the may fourth mega bout at the mgm grand in las vegas. this would be by far the biggest pay day of the --
the heat so oracle is next. >> don't get me in trouble. you did mention in the conference call that the 49ers went from worst to first by a change in the head coach. are you confident that you have done the equivalent that the niners did at tibco? >> i am very confident of that, jim. we have strong leadership in north america. there were parts of north america where we had great strength. there were areas where we grew and we have to replicate that model across the board. last time i missed i went on to have 17 very strong quarters consecutively after that and the stock grew five-fold from that point in time. hopefully we can reproduce those results going forward. it was entirely our fault. it was bad execution. >> how are you able to do so well in europe compared to america? is that just an example of you weren't disciplined in europe and you got a lot of business? i'm trying to understand. europe is harder right now than america. >> exactly. that underscores the point that what we do nobody else can do. we want to make the offer when your wallet is out of your pocket not six months after
the decision to close public facilities like streets and parks. but the events you mention, like oracles open world and sales forces dream force conference are full cost recovery events. this includes costs incurred by departments, public works, and entertainment commission. this is not just actual staff time spent on the streets and permits, but also administrative and facilities cost as well as extensive planning costs. for example, the mta recoups costs associated with traffic engineering, road striping, removal and reinstallations of services. totaled over $53,000 for open world, and over $38,000 for dream force. with regards to pedestrian and cyclist access, we require advanced detour signage to be posted. in the specific case of howard street, we required that the south sidewalk be opened at all times for pedestrians and cyclists. any street closure that happens in the city goes through a public hearing at the interdepartmental staff committee on traffic and transportation, or what we bureaucrats call is cot, which requires extensive detour signage, personnel during any closure. all of
will be speaking at a fan forum at oracle arena. season ticket holders were elected to be part of it. it will include former stanford john elway and some of the raiders grates, as well as howie long. they will take another step closer to finishing their new stadium. coming up, the signing ceremony that will mark a very special occasion. >>> a beautiful commute so far, how is it looking? >>> we have the on ramp not causing any problems but crews will have to get in there and get out that crash. this is down at the peninsular, and we have a look at the area with three lanes closed on 101 hills dale boulevard and it is slow going across the san mateo bridge. also in the dumbarton, we have construction eastbound so be aware of that and i am opening up shortly though. >>> and we have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, back down on the south bay, 880 split, you can see traffic looks good in all directions. here is steve. >>> we have low cloud desk, there are other areas brandon and pacifica. man, it is thick here and there are some areas where fog is an issue and it is misty, fog sun, mu
performing dow stock this year. today, shares gained 2.2%. after the closing bell, software giant oracle posted fiscal second quarter earnings of 64 cents per share, stronger than wall street analysts expected. it continues seeing strength in its traditional database software business. oracle shares closed the regular session up almost 2%. shares added almost another 2% in extended hours trading. if that holds through tomorrow's opening bell, it would be a new yearly high for oracle stock. two of the most important companies in the media industry want to merge, but you may not recognize their names. nielsen is known for its television ratings. arbitron does the same for radio. nielsen today offered $1.3 billion in cash for arbitron, or $48 per share. shares of arbitron jumped on heavy volume, up 23.6%. federal regulators would have to okay any tie-up between the two companies. nielsen shareholders welcomed the deal. its stock jumped 4.4%. shares of u.s. tobacco companies were under pressure, ahead of a report due out in europe tomorrow. regulators there are said to be preparing new rules
in san mateo county. what he's accused of. >>> oracle founder found guilty of spying. the tactic used that got him in trouble. >> more than a restaurant. it's a landmark. it's an institution. >> the final meal. the well known waterfront restaurant that closed today and what it means for its neighbors. >> you can get tktvu news to go on your cell phone. click on the live icon and watch all our newscasts live. be connected any time anywhere. >>> i'm still tracking some downpours and thunderstorms right now on live storm tracker 2 radar. have been watching an increase in the rainfall coverage. intensity toward the santa cruz mountains. precip right around over 3 inches of rain an hour. that's just at this instant. that just gives you an idea of how much rainfall they're picking up. down to the south bay, san jose. still moderate to heavy downpours. some of the roadways impacted. we'll continue to move the maps around and shift them to the north. tracking more activity as we zoom in in parts of the east bay out towards parts of berkeley. these do indicate moderate downpours. could have he
is assisting. >>> officials with the america's cup boat race say larry ellison's oracle team spied on a competitor. an international jury delivered the verdict. the jury said the oracle team came too close to an italian rival's boat and took photos during a race in auckland, new zealand last month. the oracle team has been ordered to hand over pictures. a decision on penalty is still pending. >>> from egypt, early indications suggest egyptians are poised to approve a controversial constitution after today's final vote. an official from the muslim brotherhood political party said after almost 4 million votes had been counted and about three quarter of those were cast in favor of the constitution. supporters of the islamist president mohammed morsi said the constitution is vital to move to democracy, but opponents say the text favors islamists and limits the rights of christians and women. >>> pope benedict xvi granted his former butler a pardon today, forgiving him for stealing and leaking private papers. he was arrested in may after vatican police found what they called an enormous
with house republicans, as well, this week. >>> and oracle is amongst the latest of speeding up their dividend pay outs to avoid possible tax hikes because of the fiscal cliff. they will pay dividends a total of 18 cents a share for the next three quarters. larry ellison didn't take part in the decision, but he will benefit. he own as 23% stake in the company, so he'll receive around $198 million. yes, you heard it right. oracle stock down 0.8% despite that in frankfurt. still to come, interest rates in australia are moving down. down under. find out what central bank is worried about when we come back. >>> australia central bank held its rate setting meeting. matthew taylor has the details. >> the market had been pricing in a 25 basis point rate cut and the reserve bank delivered with an early christmas present. central bank lowering the cash rate to 3%, this is the lowest level since the height of the global financial crisis back in 2009. the rba says while it's still waiting to seat impact of its previous 150 basis points of rate cuts work its way through the economy, the glo
this, larry ellison, top guy at oracle a check for 200 million before the end of the year because oracle is paying a big dividend this year. by taking the money now, ellison actually saves 56 million bucks. 56 million the treasury will not be getting. so, nicole, the stock price, please. >> well, the stock is slightly lower, but it's just such a statement by all of these companies, not only oracle, but all of these companies quickly accelerating dividends in order-- these payouts in order to beat the fiscal cliff and keep the shareholders happy and in turn, some of these leaders of the companies like larry ellison, as you noted. getting 200 million dollars. so, this will be his payout and what's interesting though, he wasn't involved in the vote because he owns 1.1 billion shares, now, i wonder if he said, i'll have this one out. >> i wonder, it's another story of the rich avoiding the tax the rich policy. okay. and actually, nicole, hold on a second because i've got another special dividend to tell you about, just announced and this time it's a cruise ship operator carnival and t
is happening today. for example, oracle. what's amazing, how about it was more than double when the public came public months ago. oracle, the other day reported terrific quarter and correlated success and, boom, here's another. your certificate of deposit, did that double since the summer? i don't think so. or how about the recent surge in gardner denver. stop yawning. in should not be yawned about. the stock had been an underperformer of late because of european exposure, as well as the decline in natural gas drilling. and an activist investor got involved. we learn from news reports it's on the verge of selling itself to spx. spx is doing what a company has to do to grow in this business right now, make an acquisition. especially in the oil patch. it's a match made in heaven and it isn't being impeded by washington. if you bought it this summer instead of selling it, 25 points. not bad, right? or how about the reward yesterday with merkel buying atat alterra. it's a consolidation allowing merkel to grow. no one laughed when david did that chancellor merkel thing and no one laughed given. tha
are under freeze warnings. details on how cold and then how wet coming up. >> all right. hey at oracle when the warriors are going like this they draw attention. big game tonight. we'll have a look ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, >>> good evening to you. meteorologist paul deanno all of us will get a little lesson in weather tonight. weather 101. it's radiational cooling. we lose heating. that losing has begun. we have clear skies and after highs, only in the low to mid- 50s. gilroy 49. santa rosa 56. it's going to be downright cold. here are your lows. we are under a freeze warning in san rafael, santa rosa, napa, clearlake upper 20s, low 30s. fairfield jumping down to 29. concord 32. livermore 30. san jose 34 tomorrow morning. bundle up. the kids at the bus stop in redwood city, mountain view, fremont, lows in the 30s, even san francisco for the first time this year dropping down to 40 degrees. here's cbs 5 high-def doppler radar with clear skies. we would expect the radar to be clear and it is. but it won't be starting thursday. speaking of not clear on the radar, how about the snow that's
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